Five Photos from China in 2005

Mid-February always makes me think of my first trip to China, which began when my plane landed in Beijing late at night on February 16, 2005. As I wrote last year, the six months that followed were simultaneously exhilarating and challenging: as much as I loved living on my own and getting to know aContinue reading “Five Photos from China in 2005”

Romance in Hong Kong, Both Light and Dark

When thinking about the world’s most romantic cities, Paris and New York probably leap to mind—they are, after all, familiar settings for romantic comedies and novels. But a new book and movie, both released this weekend in tandem with Valentine’s Day, use Hong Kong as the backdrop for their love stories and prove that theContinue reading “Romance in Hong Kong, Both Light and Dark”

Ms. Magazine blog: “The Faulty Logic of China’s Most Radical Experiment”

I have a new post at the Ms. Magazine blog, a review of journalist Mei Fong’s recent book, One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment. An excerpt: On Oct. 29, 2015, the Chinese government announced that it was moving away from the one-child policy it had enacted more than 35 years before. After nearly four decadesContinue reading Ms. Magazine blog: “The Faulty Logic of China’s Most Radical Experiment””

Panda-monium at the Bronx Zoo: A History

Last week, the New York Times ran a long article detailing the efforts of Representative Carolyn B. Maloney to secure two pandas for the Bronx Zoo. Maloney’s quest faces political hurdles in both New York and Beijing: Mayor Bill de Blasio won’t support any panda plan that requires public funding (building a habitat, leasing theContinue reading “Panda-monium at the Bronx Zoo: A History”

Declaring To-Do List Bankruptcy

I have three to-do lists, in three different formats, going at all times. First, there’s the legal pad that lives on my office desk that contains my work to-do list. That one is straightforward. Second is my daily home to-do list, a habit I picked up from my mother. Like her, every morning I takeContinue reading “Declaring To-Do List Bankruptcy”

The Uncompromising Jill Lepore

I’ve mentioned here before my enormous history-geek fangirling for Harvard professor and New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore. Lepore is an excellent example of someone who works inside and outside “the academy” (aka the university) with equal success, which is one of the reasons I have so much admiration for her (the other being theContinue reading “The Uncompromising Jill Lepore”