In Memoriam — But Not Yet

Six years ago, I spent the evening of June 4, 2014 in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park. Rain-heavy clouds had hovered over the city earlier in the day but then moved on without bursting; by the time I arrived at the park around dinnertime the night was clear, though muggy and hot, as is typical forContinue reading “In Memoriam — But Not Yet”

#HongKong20 Reading Round-Up

In the United States, the past five days have been all about the Fourth of July holiday—an extra-long weekend this year that led many people (including me) to step away from the news for at least part of the time. But in Hong Kong, journalists were putting in overtime to cover the July 1 eventsContinue reading “#HongKong20 Reading Round-Up”

Romance in Hong Kong, Both Light and Dark

When thinking about the world’s most romantic cities, Paris and New York probably leap to mind—they are, after all, familiar settings for romantic comedies and novels. But a new book and movie, both released this weekend in tandem with Valentine’s Day, use Hong Kong as the backdrop for their love stories and prove that theContinue reading “Romance in Hong Kong, Both Light and Dark”

LA Review of Books: Q&A with Shannon Young, Author of “Year of Fire Dragons”

I have a new post up at the LA Review of Books China Blog, in which I interview Hong Kong-based author Shannon Young: Young, however, didn’t originally plan to spend her life writing; she wanted to be an editor. But after graduating from college in 2009, she found many of her plans upended. Publishing jobsContinue reading LA Review of Books: Q&A with Shannon Young, Author of “Year of Fire Dragons””

Postcard from Hong Kong

United Airlines flight 117 begins at Newark Liberty International Airport, 10 miles from my home in Jersey City, and ends in Hong Kong, 8065 miles away. It’s the eighth-longest flight route in operation, and if you’re a restless flyer—and I am a terribly restless flyer—there’s nothing good about it, save the small cup of mangoContinue reading “Postcard from Hong Kong”

Five Photos from the Tiananmen Vigil in Hong Kong

There are some amazing photographs at Business Insider from last night’s candlelight vigil in Hong Kong commemorating the June Fourth anniversary. Mine aren’t quite that good! But I did my best with the tools I had (a Canon PowerShot and my iPhone). I arrived at Victoria Park at 6:30, with the vigil scheduled to beginContinue reading “Five Photos from the Tiananmen Vigil in Hong Kong”

LA Review of Books: Hong Kong, Beyond the Neon Lights

I deliberately didn’t write much here about what I did during my Hong Kong trip in the middle of October, because I knew I wanted to save that material for my next LA Review of Books China Blog post. That’s now online, so here’s the story of my experiences walking two heritage trails in theContinue reading LA Review of Books: Hong Kong, Beyond the Neon Lights”

Hong Kong: The Snacker’s Paradise

I had a pretty simple itinerary for my weekend in Hong Kong: I wanted to relax; I wanted to see some new things; and I wanted to eat good food. There are plenty of high-end fine-dining restaurants here, but my gastronomic interests lay at the other end of the spectrum—snacks. Hong Kong might be theContinue reading “Hong Kong: The Snacker’s Paradise”

Hong Kong Has Me a Little Off-Kilter

If you haven’t been to Hong Kong, I can now say with twenty-four hours’ worth of confidence that I highly recommend it. Excellent food (more on that soon, I promise), summery weather well into October, and plenty to see and do, even if you’re not a high-roller. There is much more to Hong Kong thanContinue reading “Hong Kong Has Me a Little Off-Kilter”