Speaking Events in Shanghai and Hong Kong

  Early morning jet-lagged greetings to all from Shanghai, where I landed last night. This is my first time in China since the summer of 2016, and I’m very curious to see what has changed in the intervening two years. So far all I can say is that they now take your fingerprints when youContinue reading “Speaking Events in Shanghai and Hong Kong”

Sanmao Saturday: Introducing Zhang Leping and His Sanmao the Orphan Comics

Way back when I was in my first year at UCI, I had to write a research paper and was struggling to find a topic. I knew that I wanted to do something on popular culture, but I only had about ten weeks to do all the research AND write the paper—no time to makeContinue reading “Sanmao Saturday: Introducing Zhang Leping and His Sanmao the Orphan Comics”

Official Member of the Sanmao Paradise Club

Many thanks to Sue Anne Tay of Shanghai Street Stories, who knows of my interest in Zhang Leping’s Sanmao comics and picked up this pin for me when she spotted it one day in Shanghai. The pin is a replica of one that I’ve seen on display at Song Qingling’s house in Shanghai. Such pinsContinue reading “Official Member of the Sanmao Paradise Club”