Weekly Wanderings: May 6, 2023

The ongoing decimation of Twitter coincides with my own desire to get back into a daily writing practice, so I’m reviving this blog. I’m making a minimal commitment here: a photo and short gloss on Mondays, and a “Weekly Wanderings” round-up of five stories/thoughts/recommendations each Saturday morning. If and as I can, I’ll post occasionalContinue reading “Weekly Wanderings: May 6, 2023”

Snapshots from a Sojourn in Kansas

“Are you dining alone, honey?” the waitress at Arthur Bryant’s BBQ asked me, surveying my table, three of its four seats empty, with a dismayed glance. Arthur Bryant’s, I had realized, is not a place where people eat solo. The tables around me were filled with families enjoying a Sunday afternoon barbecue lunch, plates stackedContinue reading “Snapshots from a Sojourn in Kansas”

Postcard from Citi Field

I should do this more often. I spent yesterday afternoon watching the Phillies lose to the Mets at Citi Field. It was my first time to that ballpark, and there’s a lot to recommend it: easy subway access, a great seat for a reasonable price (thanks to Groupon), well-behaved fans, Nathan’s hot dogs, the occasionalContinue reading “Postcard from Citi Field”

LA Review of Books: Take Me Out to the Ballgame, in Taipei

Golf on Monday, baseball today … based on what I’ve been writing lately, I probably seem like more of a sports fan than I actually am. Just a coincidence, though. Well, not completely. I am a huge baseball fan and don’t get to indulge this passion when I’m here in Shanghai. That’s one of theContinue reading LA Review of Books: Take Me Out to the Ballgame, in Taipei”