Time for a New Look

Scroll down for photos of my new purple hair, nose piercing, and panda tattoo!

Just kidding.

I’m not the one with a new look—though I could probably use a haircut—this website is. I decided to take some time today and finally make a few changes I’d been planning for a while. Major aspects of this housekeeping are: new header photos that are more “me,” updated and expanded text in all sections, the addition of pages that explain my research and teaching interests, and a more organized approach to my publications. It’s still something of a work in progress (largely because my internet connection here has become abysmally slow, which is making me very cranky), but the basic framework is now in place.

At some point, I’ll have a new headshot taken, too, but first I think I’ll let the purple hair grow out.

(I’m kidding, Mom, I promise.)

Actual blogging will resume tomorrow, with an extended consideration of what makes Taiwan a pretty excellent place to go. A sneak peek:


4 thoughts on “Time for a New Look

  1. A little baseball is a wonderful thing; more is even better! Did you hear about the Philadelphia team that went to the Little League World Series and had a girl for a star pitcher who wound up on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Girl power, yay!!!!!!

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