Wall Street Journal: Tiananmen Amnesia and Tiananmen Exiles

He coverNow up at the Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Report blog, my new column on Rowena Xiaoqing He’s recent book, Tiananmen Exiles:

In “Tiananmen Exiles,” Ms. He interviews Shen Tong and Wang Dan, both important figures in the Beijing protest movement, as well as Yi Danxuan, who was a student leader in Guangzhou. All three live overseas (only Mr. Shen has been able to visit China for business, on the condition that he refrain from political activity), and all have been prominent members of the Tiananmen exile community. Wang Dan obtained a Ph.D. in Chinese history from Harvard and now teaches in Taiwan, while Shen Tong founded a software company and Yi Danxuan has worked in journalism and business. Both Mr. Shen and Mr. Yi live in the United States.

For the rest of the article, click here.

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