LA Review of Books China Blog: Let 100 Voices Speak

My latest LA Review of Books China Blog post went up on the site last week, but I was away on a work trip and didn’t have time to link to it until now. In the post, I interview Liz Carter, a Washington, D.C.-based translator and author of Let 100 Voices Speak: How the InternetContinue reading LA Review of Books China Blog: Let 100 Voices Speak”

Snapshots from a Sojourn in Kansas

“Are you dining alone, honey?” the waitress at Arthur Bryant’s BBQ asked me, surveying my table, three of its four seats empty, with a dismayed glance. Arthur Bryant’s, I had realized, is not a place where people eat solo. The tables around me were filled with families enjoying a Sunday afternoon barbecue lunch, plates stackedContinue reading “Snapshots from a Sojourn in Kansas”