I Think I Need a … Guidebook?

As I packed to leave for Shanghai earlier this month, I worried about forgetting things. Most stuff, of course, I could replace here if I really had to (though not shoes—my 10WW feet are freakishly large in the U.S., let alone China), but so far I haven’t realized that I’ve forgotten anything important. One itemContinue reading “I Think I Need a … Guidebook?”

The Street of Eternal Happiness

I’m not entirely sure I can blame this mental lapse on jet lag and the sinus infection I was nursing last week, but I’ll try anyway. The street I live on here is called Changle Lu. I’ve been saying the name for days, without giving a whole lot of thought to the meaning behind thoseContinue reading “The Street of Eternal Happiness”

If Anyone Needs Me, I’ll Be at IKEA

Getting my apartment was surprisingly easy. I picked it out on Saturday and went to Jacky’s office early on Tuesday morning, armed with my passport and an enormous stack of renminbi (the largest denomination is a 100RMB bill; I had seventy-nine of them to pay my first month’s rent and Jacky’s commission). Bathrobe Guy showedContinue reading “If Anyone Needs Me, I’ll Be at IKEA”

October 13, 2012

It’s amazing how little Shanghai seems to change sometimes. Even though there’s constant construction and the city is always being transformed in various ways, on a street-by-street basis, things look very much like how I left them last August. These days, it seems, Shanghai is less about sweeping change than subtle alterations to the cityscape.Continue reading “October 13, 2012”