THATCamp@Penn: Thoughts on the Day

When I was a kid, my parents sent me to the Summer Arts Camp at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. SAC was a six-week program focused on the arts, where other campers and I chose from different courses taught by CHC faculty and independent artists—usually, I think, taking four or five courses a summer. SACContinue reading “THATCamp@Penn: Thoughts on the Day”

Why I Tweeted (Parts of) My #dayofhighered

April 2, Monday of this week, was the first online #dayofhighered. Inspired by the #dayofdh that those in the digital humanities have conducted since 2009, Inside Higher Ed blogger Lee Bessette proposed the #dayofhighered as a way of describing to the public what, exactly, academics do all day. Lots of people participated by tweeting theirContinue reading “Why I Tweeted (Parts of) My #dayofhighered”